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Monday, August 31, 2009

Jamie Rae Hats So Stinkin Cute!

Jamie Rae a mom of two, James and Emma Rae. Having a love of hats she realized when the kids as babies were little cabbage patches sporting very little hair. She wanted cute hats on their heads. To her surprise not many existed that fit correctly or were made of material that was comfy cozy.. So in 2005 her creativity started to bloom. She created a cotton hat line that she took and showed local boutiques,friends and family. The response she received was so overwhelmingly positive she knew her little seed had sprouted into what is now an amazing business. She is in Boutiques all over the United States. I truly believe if you have passion for what you do. You will be successful no matter what. Never give up always hold your head high and you too could have a success story like Jamie Rae's.

Jamie's styles consist of Boys,girls,sun hats,crochet hats,tie dye,pipettes,velvet,headbands,cotton and clips... OH MY! what a great assortment.. Please go check out jamieraehats. Shop for your little one or for gifts.. These are so adorable that your child will be a show stopper..


Jamie was so kind to offer three hats for a giveaway.

Three Winners will be chosen.

1.Orange and pink tie dye with marabou feather so cute

2. Pastel tie dye Daisy

3. Purple tie dye Daisy

Remember follow giveaway instructions.... also remember to add my widget to your site..

Wishing Jamie Rae much success!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Banglz Easy ,Everyday Excercise

Founders: Kim Koelle and Annie Ulichney who I met at the Gift show (She has the most amazing body) . OH MY! These two are busy moms. They designed their company because of the craziness we all go thru on a day to day basis when a workout just can't fit into the schedule. This is why Banglz was created . They are comfy and stylish wrist and ankle weighted bands.. You wear them like you would your favorite watch or bracelet. They are the perfect accessory to build strength inside and out. The best thing about these are, you can wear as everyday accessories or use as an added bonus to your workout. Banglz comes in a choice of many different colors and prints.. Great for any outfit. I have to tell you I wore these all around the NY Gift show. My calves were feeling it. I only wore the ones for my ankles. I had so many heavy bags I couldn't add more weight to my upper body. I was wearing them while typing this post but it clearly states not to wear for a long period while on the computer. This product inspired me to get more active. Being a mother I have always put myself last. Well GIRLFRIENDS that time is over. I am ready for a change.. To jump start a routine again.. Can't wait. I was amazed by how many women stopped me at the Gift show to ask what I had on my ankles.. I wished I made commission LOL That is how I really talked up their product. I love them...
OH I almost forgot. You have to also check out their smart slips and skirts..The SMARTSLIP is the exercise superslip that works you out and has an ultra-slim fit all at once! The resistance in this amazing fabric targets the hips, glutes and legs while you walk and move during the day, giving you a lower body workout with each step. LOVE IT!
Go to their site: you will fall in love and build your muscles at the same time. At checkout tell them Heather from The Fabulous Finds sent you XO..
GIVEAWAY: One lucky winner will win a pair or wrist weights in white swirl print.
Remember to follow giveaway instructions.. With this I want to see a video or picture of you wearing the product with a post about the product..You will be hooked..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bungalow home of SCOUT! Weekender Bag! CLOSED

Bungalow:Imagine a little irreverent that holds your life's experience's all adding up to the collage of who you are- It's all a Bungalow. What I learned about this company is it is full of life and fun. Scout is the mascot and is very furry and cute.

Founded in 2004 by Deb and Ben Johns after realizing there was a lack of tote bags..Dean-O Tote was created. The company has now grown from not just having one style tote , to an entire collection from weekenders to Coolers even really cool flooring (micro fiber,coconut fiber and more) check them all out on their new web site great place to explore and shop.

Bungalow has a serious side and one that I love. They host and annual themed party to raise money for families who have children with cancer.

They also hosted a Bra party to raise funds for breast cancer.. I love it.. Fabulous!

I love it when a company gives back. What's great is not only Can you shop on the site but when you see their products at a store pick up one of their totes or accessories. You know some of the money you spent will go to help a good cause. So check out BUNGALOW.. Read Debs Bio she's amazing with all her accomplishments. This company is so popular it has been in O Magazine,Country Living,Coastal Living,Family Circle,New York Times and my personal favorite.. The Fabulous Finds.

They were so kind to give me an amazing tote for a lucky winner. I picked the print because I am all about "Finding the Good in Life". So this weekender says things like. GOOD NEWS,HAPPY,SMILE,REFRESH,FRIENDS,LOVE and so on....

So sign up to win... Remember read the requirements before leaving a comment... Add my widget be a Fab Friend..

Best Of Luck!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Reviews Thru a Girls Eye...

Hello our Names are Izzy and Maddy. We are sisters with a Fab eye for products. We were asked by our mom to review products of kids stuff. She thought it was a good idea that we talk about products that pertain to kids.. We are sooo excited to let you see our point of view.

Here's a little something about us. We both play soccer and we love animals. We created our own Jewelry line called izzymaddysweetshop

Isabelle everyone calls me Izzy. I am 10 years old and love,love soccer. I am heading into the 5Th grade. I'm a little scared but excited. I have type 1 diabetes and have had it now for 5 years. Things are good. I never give up and I am very kind to others. My goal in life is to be a vet. I can't wait to get started and write about your products. XO, IZZY

Madeline everyone calls me Maddy. I am 9 years old &the Girly Girl of the Family. I love to shop,Sing and my love in life is art. I can create things all the time.. I have a very good imagination and I am a tech kid who would love to get into web design.. I am very outgoing and Funny.. Yes very funny.. LOL I can't wait to talk about your company.. We are just like our mom all about the Positive.. I can't wait to get started. XO, Maddy
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Looking for Guest Writers!

Calling All Amazing Women Out There. I am looking for monthly guest writers. I would love to read about another women's view on what they feel is Fabulous to them. Please e-mail me. I need a link to your site and for you to share with me your thoughts. This is a way to share your "Fabulous Finds".. Doesn't have to be product.. Think about it. You could talk about your kids,pets,life.... I want to here it.. Let's support each other and spread the word about how wonderful women are and how Fabulous are life is.. Remember I am all about "The Good in Life"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jilly Jack Designs Fab! CLOSED BLC WINNER!

Well to start off.. Jilly stands for the owner/designer and Jack is her 9 yr old son. I came across this company and loved the concept behind it. Jill was a graphic designer for 18yrs. She worked for large corporations as their Packaging and Event Grahic Designer. She decided to branch off on her own and had the passion to create her own line of unique stationary. Jilly Jack was hot off the press in 2006.

O.K. you are asking yourself what makes it so unique and why is it a Fab find? I was getting to that part. All of her cards are packaged in what Jill calls Folios. There are two styles one which is Felt and the other Billboard. Now the best part. The Felt is made from recycled water bottles and the Billboard is you guessed from what you see on the highways. Pretty cool..They are also each tied with a striped gross grain ribbon. Who would have thunk that a highway sign could turn into a holder (Folio) for note cards or water bottles for that matter. This is why I love to talk about creative women... Amazing.

Jilly Jack is devoted to using the planets resources. As they move forward all the note cards and envelopes are printed on Recycled paper. So go check out the designs and purchase a couple for yourself or gifts.. I love things that spark conversations and these cards come with a story..


Polka Dot Series Set $20.00

Notepad and Pencil Set $10.00

Please read under Giveaway section what you need to do to enter Remember add my widget to your site...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

You can make a difference!

While on vacation I was shopping in little boutiques and came across this amazing bracelet. What caught my eye were all the amazing colored beads and silver spacers. Attached was a card about why the bracelet was made. So here goes. It is called the Mel's Bracelet and it represents an incredible fighter named Mel Simmons who lost her 5 year battle to breast cancer. She was an inspiring mom of two. The Bracelet is to raise money for cancer awareness. This year alone we will lose 40,000 Mom's,Grandmas,Sisters and Daughters to breast cancer. WOW is all I can say. I lost my Sister in Law to the disease. I bought this bracelet for $15 and all the proceeds goes towards the cause. I would love if you would check out the site and learn more about Mel and read her amazing story also purchase one of these for yourself..

This I would have to say is One of my Most Fabulous Finds!

Please when you buy one tell them Heather From The Fabulous Finds sent you.

Snooze City Designs.. A T- Shirt for your Bed! CLOSED! DAWN B Winner

Well... All I can say You will never be bored in bed... These Pillowcases are soooo Fun. Great for the young at heart and the rebel with a cause... When I saw these cases I knew I had to spread the word. Created by two amazing guys Michael Azaria and Derek Mosher. They created a new twist for resting our heads. Whether you love the Celeb scene or admire Run DMC They have a case for you. I chose the Guitar and Amp. I am all about music and this was calling my name I mean Head LOL..... I also love the Chandeliers and Hollywood. There are so many to choose from. The Fabric is as soft a Buddha..(Butter) made of 73% cotton and 27% Nylon This gives it almost a silk feel..In each pack you will get 2 standard size cases. They retail between $18-$32 and can be found in many ,many stores across the United States and Canada Check them out at.
Happy Rest! Add My Widget to your site..
Guitar and Amp cases. Retail for $32.00
Please read what you need to do to enter under my Giveaway section.. Good Luck!

Tell them Heather From the Fabulous Finds Sent you..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MayFair Lane "Happeez" Fabulous! CLOSED!

Love It!.. I came across this Fabulous company. Started and owned by an amazing women named Sue Russell. Sue launched her company in 2008 after a long search for fun gifts. Her venture was created after working for the company 3M Post it products and high end stationary. After searching she discovered that what she was looking for didn't exsist. So she created a fun and beautiful line of self adhesive products. We all know magnetic backed Notepads,Picture Frames and Clips CAN'T stick to stainless Steel,Wood or Glass. So Sue Created her Happeez line.
Don't you love the name.. If I had to guess you have a smile on your face. It's a Fab name. I am smiling..Happeez has an assortment of products. The line consists of: Notepads,Clippers,Photo frames,Whiteboards and List Pads. All of these products are backed with a patent grip material that sticks to where magnets do and where they don't,including Stainless Steel,Glass,Mirrors and more. Leaving no marks or residue and can grip and re-grip over and over. Non-toxic and Odor Free.
O.K. you are asking yourself does it really work? I was unsure myself.. I have painted glazed kitchen cabinets. I also have cabinet over my fridge. What was I thinking? I couldn't hang one school picture,artwork,report card.. Until Now. I tried the clip and frame on my fridge. LOVE IT! No glaze was removed from the cabinet. I was blown away. I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack. You know how men are. He's thinking it has to be repainted.. Well to both of our amazement. No residue, No removing of paint. Then I moved over to our stainless oven and dishwasher. Again he's biting his nails LOL.. and Nothing.. I am hooked. These products are a must buy. Mayfair Lane is my new found friend.. I am going to shop for my kids bathroom,bedroom Birthday presents,Stocking Stuffer. Now I can Have a picture of my kids on my fridge. I am Happy I was able to write about this company. Please stop by and shop.. So many patterns to choose from. One style sure to fit everyone's personality. So shop away and at check out tell them "Heather from The Fabulous Finds" sent you.

Trio Packet of Happeez clips in Fruity Patterns $15 List Pad Really Rose $7
Mini picture Frame Mystic Leaves $8
Please read under Giveaways how to Register for the Giveaway.. Good Luck!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mailbox and door step full of packages...

Wow. What an amazing two weeks. I was able to head to the beach house with my husband and kids for a little R&R. I finished reading The Shack. I also started a new book one I can't put down called "The Guernsey literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". These books were a true joy to read.. I suggest going and getting a copy of each. New York is in my future for the next couple of days. Upon my return home. My Mailbox and front porch were bustling with packages. I am blown away and excited to write about all these amazing Finds I came across. I have a weekender bag, Candles,Stationary to name a few. I have to put together my thoughts to give you a full understanding for each product. I am happy to see new Fab Friends and I can't wait to tell you all about the amazing products I have in store. I will have most as Giveaways. Well I have to unpack only to pack again before heading to the big apple. I can't get over how much clothing there is to wash. YUK!..A mother's duty I guess.. I must say one I love. For now I am off. Only to please you with what I have in store.. Contact me with ideas or if you want me to write about your products.. I would love to talk with you... Talk soon
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