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Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Girls and Painted Toes Oh My! WINNER

We have a winner Amy from

What a Great Giveaway I have for you.. I came across this company on my search to find all Natural Skin Care Products for little ones.. I love Freshly painted Toes and Having two daughters they love it Too. So What a great way to treat them to adorable rainbow colored toes and fingers that won't be harmful to them. Isn't that FABULOUS! No Toxins,Odor Free and The best Part KID FRIENDLY! Did I mention it dries in less than 60 seconds.. We all know the attention span of a little girl is pretty quick because they have so many tutu's to try on and wands to wave.. Founded by a stay at home mom Melanie Hurley. She has 2 young Daughters and didn't like the chemicals in regular polishes.. So this venture started and off it took.. Who Says "PIGS Can't Fly" Or Little Piggies in this case. They have been so gracious to offer all you Fabulous Moms and Dads out there a coupon to go check out their site and buy anything even SALE at 15% off ending September 30, 2009 so at check out be sure to put in Coupon Code:FABFIND15L and another tip if you spend $25 or more you get FREE SHIPPING!

One More Great thing offered from this FABULOUS company is they are offering ONE LUCKY WINNER a $20 Gift Certificate. Isn't that Fabulous?? Also Nail Polish Remover and a Piggy paint Polish in " Girls Rule" September 30Th is the deadline so become a Fab Friend and leave a comment.. Remember if you tell a Friend or two and they become fabulous and leave your name in the comment section that gets your name added more times and it makes your chance of winning even better..

So head over to and get your little one some pretty colors for their fingers and Toes.. check them out on twitter www.

August Promo From "Good For you Girls" Just for My Fabulous Girlies!

Ladies Here's a PROMO from two amazing creative women Kim & Grace.. They Created this all Natural skin Care line for Girls. A must have. There products have NO SYNTHETICS,PETROCHEMICALS,DYES or IRRITANTS So get over to their site and purchase this amazing kit your body and face will thank you.. Plus they have great tips on Face Washing 101 great for your TEEN and sections for both MOM and GIRLS! So take advantage of the Discount make sure at check out you plug in FABULOUS in the coupon code box.. Make sure to sign up for their GFYG NEWS! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello Girlies.. I am going to be Finding Fabulous all Natural skin Care products!

To all Moms,Grandmas,Me-Ma's,Granddaughters,Daughters,Sisters,Girlfriends.. These next posts you will love.. I am researching high and low for Natural skin Care products. There are soo many Bad chemicals in our Food,Hair and Body Products. I want to find the best of the best. I will be featuring a group of different companies that cater to our little princesses to our most treasured elderly.. So keep watching because these posts are coming soon.. In the mean time check out this site and together we can stop animal testing and having harmful things be added to the products we use everyday.. Even though I have never met any of you.. You are all still a part of me and I want to spread the LOVE! so check out

** If your are a creator of all natural products please e-mail me**

IMOOI Fabulous Find Thursday/CLOSED!

WINNER is... Darcy at Smart-Bottom Enterprises..
IMOOI (Derives from the Dutch word "Beautiful") Truly a Fabulous Find. Urban chic accessories with a Fabulous twist. From Stainless Steel and Wood to Stainless steel and rubber. Truly unique and one of a kind Jewelry and Bags. The owner and creator Anna Chan Created These amazing lines and has been so kind to Donate her adorable NUBELA wristlet for our Giveaway a $50 value. Size 9x5"x4.5"x1" Color: TAN

Anna has 6 Categories in her line:1. CORE which consists of Rings,Necklaces,Cuff links and Earrings all are made up in Stainless Steel and Wood. Fabulous! 2.BAG Ultra Sued & Leatherette comes in assorted shapes and sizes all with an interior zipper pocket and a snap front closure.

3. FUSION Stainless Steel and Resin this collection has Rings,Necklaces and Cuff links 4.NEO Stainless Steel and Acrylic amazing Cuff links,Rings and Necklaces. 5.MOD Stainless Steel and Rubber OH MY! Love this..I love the cardinal ring amazing. In this collection there is Rings,Necklaces,Earrings,Bangle Bracelets and Cuff Links.6. Icon Stainless Steel and Rubber. More modern with colored blocks and circles very unique. Bracelets,Earrings,Cuff Links,Necklaces and Rings

So what are you waiting for check out her site make sure to tell her that Heather from "The Fabulous Finds" sent you.

Anna In Giving Back.. If you send 5 Friends to her site you get 5% off your first order and when you return and I know you will because her pieces are amazing and Fabulous you will get 10% off your 2nd order.

IMOOI has been featured in many magazines Lucky and Accessories Magazines to name a few.

HAPPY SHOPPING! Deadline August 15th

** To Enter Become my "Fab Friend" and leave a comment.. The more friends you send to my site and they mention your name in the comment section the better your chances of winning..

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Orleans Fabulous Find

NOLA.. If you haven't been I strongly recommend. Here are all my Fabulous Finds from the city. New Orleans Jazz Fest. A Mecca for Food,Music,Laughter and true down to earth people from all walks of life. Festival is held on a horse track.The Festival celebrates the indigenous music and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana, so the music encompasses every style associated with the city and the state: blues, R&B, gospel, Cajun, zydeco, Afro-Caribbean, folk, Latin, rock, rap, country, bluegrass and everything in between. And of course there is lots of jazz, both contemporary and traditional. Also the line up will consist of other artists. This year they had Dave Mathews,James Taylor,Earth Wind and Fire and Etta James to name a few.
The Food OH MY! Crawfish Monica,softshell crab Poboy,Crawfish Bread, Shrimp Bread,Sausage & JalapeƱo Bread,Alligator Pie, Crabmeat Stuffed Shrimp, *Fried Green Tomatoes ,Pheasant, Quail & Andouille Gumbo, Crab & Craw fish Stuffed Mushrooms, Crawfish Enchilada The list goes on and on. Drinks from alcohol to Non-alcohol.

After the show everyone manly locals go to LIUZZA'S best place for a bloody marry topped with spicy green beans.. Plus they have a mini block party and always a local band playing outside.. This is the best way to end the day after the sun has fallen and you just want a nice cold cocktail. Some locals are out selling their creations.. address: 3636 Bienville St. two blocks from the fair grounds.

Shopping.. The artists at the show sell amazing things. from handbags to sculptures and of course Jewelry. They come from all over. I am a huge Fleur DE Li's wearer so I try and find pieces with that design.. I truly love New Orleans even the muddy Mississippi River because along with it are the River Boats and they are relaxing to watch when you sit out on the pier..Great place for to run in the morning (If your a Runner). Don't fall for the guys who tell you ,you need your shoe shined.. LOL Happened to us and they were shining my husband sneakers.. big mistake.. walk very fast and far away.. trust me..

Decatur St. a must to stop and shop walk around and see all the amazing finds.. Fleur De Li's mecca.. They also have street markets filled with anything and everything.. check with the locals or online for dates plug in street fairs New Orleans into google..

Two Food places I must talk about and their are soo many but these are two on my favorites:

Cafe Du Monde home of the world famous Chicory coffee and Beignets.. These amazing tasting french dough that is immersed in confectionery sugar. Get there first thing in the A.M otherwise the line wraps around the building check it out.. When you are there buy coffee and a box or two of the beignet mix to bring home. Great to make with kids ,ours love them..

Central Grocery. Known for the best Muffeletta OH My Goodness.. It's heaven to the pallet. Love it. Big Honken Sandwich with an olive relish that's simply delish.. Love it. Not Open on Mondays and again there will be a line.. DELI / SANDWICHES REGIONAL ITALIAN Central Grocery French Quarter 923 Decatur Street New Orleans , LA

Giveaways coming soon... Remember become my "FAB FRIEND" to get all the updates..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Giveaway Tuesday! CLOSED!


Well here is a Fab Find.. Sophie Bracelet from This is an amazing bauble that will look good on any wrist. Textured circles drip with green aventurine and aqua glass drops. 7.75" length with toggle clasp.
As Seen In: Family Circle Magazine

Retails for $59.00 Good Luck Ladies.. Remember become my Fab Friend and leave a comment winner drawn on Aug 20th..


**Host an online party and earn FREE Jewelry**

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

Well a start to a new week. Products are coming in and I am getting ready to put together my up and coming Giveaways. So on your end I want feedback. If you have seen the products or owned a product from the company on Review. I would love to hear what you have to say. I have said it before Us women are the main spenders and we want to buy good things for ourselves and our families.. I chose only the best to write about.. I look for quality,uniqueness,Taste (Yes, I'll try and write about food) and just all out fun. I want you all to be my Fab Friends so make sure you sign in and leave the rest to me..You will be up on the new items every time they are added.

To go off the subject a little well actually a lot but it still has to do with product and shopping.. How is it that we now look at pounds and shelters to get our pet for our family but we still buy new cars? What about buying used cars? Women are smart consumers.. Why would we want something that depreciates the minute you drive it away from the dealership. When we buy clothes they don't loose value right. When we buy anything for that matter they don't lose it's value. So why cars??? I'm stumped. There truly are amazing used cars out there that may only be a couple years old and have low miles. I think this is the way to go. I always bought a car that was only two years old probably only 24,000 miles on it.. They are great. I still do my blue book research and consumer reports to get the low down but I have always been happy. So keep getting your pets at the shelters and pounds.. But keep in mind of the used car dealerships they too have cars that need homes,need to be driven.. Just a little thought I had after reading my home page this morning and read
The Top 10 Greenest Used Cars so check it out it might change the way you buy cars.. And to answer any of your questions NO,I don't know anyone in the car business I promise.. I just found it interesting.. Everything goes back to what I was saying in the beginning finding the Best,finding what would suit you and your family.. Leave me a comment.. Enjoy The day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fab Finds Oh My! I am ready to find the best...

Well in a few weeks I am headed to NYC.. The mecca of shopping. I am going to travel up and down aisles at the New York Gift Show to find the most Fabulous Finds. The up and coming ,The new and exciting. I can't wait to show you all what is coming to a store near you.. I will scramble and scurry until I meet creative companies and their amazing products. It will be nice for the first time not to have a deadline and budget to meet. As a buyer I was going in a hundred different directions with so many appointments and so little time. I can't wait to walk around with my latte and strike up conversations with people who are selling amazing trinkets and treats from stationary to kids products. I get to write about them. Yippee.. I am Sooo excited. Oh and the Giveaways.. Did I mention the giveaways. This is a great way for you to try their products and spread the word. We all know women are the major consumer.. So spread the word ladies.They are coming and you will be the first to have them in your hand.. Only if your the Lucky Winner of course but that doesn't mean you still can't go out and purchase one or two or even three. So get ready because in a couple of weeks I am going to find the most Fabulous Finds that all NYC has to offer.. So follow me and you will be up to date on the Giveaways.. Lot's of Luck.. Remember become my Fab Friend!

Fabulous Find GoGo Giggle

Sooo Fun and new. I came across this company. I am getting ready to attend the big show in New York to scour the city for Fabulous Finds. I fell in love with this company. I feel the name speaks for itself ,makes you smile and I know your kids will love their products. They have adorable socks in a can along with Scribble books and shoelaces to name a few. Also their adorable characters alone make you Giggle. I discovered they are a publishing company that helps literacy in Children. They directed me to this site . I must say I love it.GoGo Giggle donates a percentage of all proceeds to help fund literacy programs for kids! I find that having kids read at a young age helps build their imagination and social skills. will be up and running soon so please make sure to check them out and tell them Heather from "The FabulousFinds" sent you. A Giveaway from this company is coming soon. So check back or leave a comment and I will let you know when to register.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giveaway 3 Strand "Bead for Life" Bracelet CLOSED!

Winner Maggie from "sitting on the moood swing at the playground"CONGRATS!
BeadforLife eradicates extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens. Ugandan women turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful bead jewelry, and people who care open their hearts, homes and communities to buy and sell the beads.
The beads become income, food, medicine, school fees and hope. It is a small miracle that connects and enriches everybody in the Bead Circle.
All net profits from BeadforLife are invested in community development projects that help people work their way out of poverty.
Seen On Oprah!

Become a one of my Fab Friends and leave a comment to be entered. GOOD LUCK!
Drawing ends August 15th

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stella and Dot Jewelry Fabulous Finds

COMING SOON! Fall Is Here... Info soon to Follow

Finding Fabulous Finds

To all that is listening. I am looking for stay at home moms or any creative women with big ideas. I would like to write about you. The more I write the more we can get the word out about your products. I have done everything from own two stores One a Children's Boutique "Kid's Grow So Fast" to a Design your own Handbag Studio. I have created three children's clothing lines.. Little Miss Maddy,Isabelle Cotton Wear and Milk & Cookies. I have traveled and shopped many gift and accessory shows. I am here to help you research and "Find The Good in life". Whether you have created: Baby items,Beauty products,Home accessories,Jewelry. I want to talk with you. I know how pricey it can be to get promo people and hire a Rep Company to get your product out there. Let's work together and spread the word.
I would love to make your products one of my Fabulous Finds.. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know.. I think word of mouth is the best reward. Can't wait to get started.

Starbucks Fabulous Finds

Wow Today so exciting.. Starbucks is Giving away a Free Breakfast treat of your choice. Bagel,Scone (Oh My! Try the Mini Vanilla Bean Scone) or whatever you like. You just have to purchase your favorite beverage. Mine a Grande Non-Fat Latte with 1 pump Vanilla,Yum! A lot of people might say they enjoy Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks. I like Dunkin but The coffee just doesn't have the kick. I love the freshness that comes along with Starbucks. I am all about helping a cause and they know don't lack in that dept. When is the last time you went into Dunkin an were able to pick up the latest Jazz Cd or Dave Mathews for that matter? NEVER... When were you able to sit in Dunkin and play Boggle with a friend.. Probably Never. I love the atmosphere,the Barista's etc. very cool place "Artsy" is a word I like to call it. So get out there before 10:30am and grab a Buckie's and Free sweetness and kick start your day.. Starbucks keep up the good work. Keep being humanitarians and caring for our environment by using Bio-Degradable coffee cups (Dunkin Cups, I don't think so) When you go in Tell them Heather From "The Fabulous Finds" sent you. Click on Link and print out the coupon

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yellow Armstrong Band Fabulous Finds

Well I would have to say this is my favorite accessory. I wear it every day. I feel this should be a must on your wrist. We have all had a loss in our lives. Mine I remember like it was yesterday. Someone true and dear to me (My Dad). At only 45 he lost is life to melanoma after a long battle. I wear me little yellow bracelet for all the brave souls out there who fight to beat their cancer. My heart goes out to all of you. I have a true respect for life. I can't complain about a cold or headache. I have to look at the big picture. Life truly is short. Enjoy it each and everyday. So go out and buy one of these amazing arm trinkets ( any sporting good store)....They will be the best accessory you ever owned. check out my brother- in- laws page on Livestrong. And for all you Jonas Brother fans, He is their tour director. He designed the most amazing stage for this tour check out a show.. You won't be disappointed.

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