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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Starbucks Fabulous Finds

Wow Today so exciting.. Starbucks is Giving away a Free Breakfast treat of your choice. Bagel,Scone (Oh My! Try the Mini Vanilla Bean Scone) or whatever you like. You just have to purchase your favorite beverage. Mine a Grande Non-Fat Latte with 1 pump Vanilla,Yum! A lot of people might say they enjoy Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks. I like Dunkin but The coffee just doesn't have the kick. I love the freshness that comes along with Starbucks. I am all about helping a cause and they know don't lack in that dept. When is the last time you went into Dunkin an were able to pick up the latest Jazz Cd or Dave Mathews for that matter? NEVER... When were you able to sit in Dunkin and play Boggle with a friend.. Probably Never. I love the atmosphere,the Barista's etc. very cool place "Artsy" is a word I like to call it. So get out there before 10:30am and grab a Buckie's and Free sweetness and kick start your day.. Starbucks keep up the good work. Keep being humanitarians and caring for our environment by using Bio-Degradable coffee cups (Dunkin Cups, I don't think so) When you go in Tell them Heather From "The Fabulous Finds" sent you. Click on Link and print out the coupon

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