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Monday, September 28, 2009

Behind the Scenes..

Today. I am going to give you a little insight of the Girl behind Fabulous Finds. I know I have an "About Me"section.I just thought you might like to see what my interests are behind the scenes.. I will start by saying I collect milk glass. I love it so much that it's coming out of my ears.. LOL I love anything cream or white.. I am a huge fan of the beach and white,creams, soft hues remind me of such a place.. I grew up in CT but spent every summer as a kid in Westhampton, Long Island. When I was small my mom and I would tag sale every Saturday and sometimes Sundays. I was hooked.. Of course at the time I was looking for Barbie's and she wanted antiques.. That's what I was surrounded by in my home growing up.. That was her passion.

My mom had such an eye for what she wanted and collected. I love that about her. She is very creative..Now being a mom myself she takes all her grandchildren and does crafts and decorates the house for x-mas with them.., A true joy that my kids get to do these things with her. I have looked at so many blogs and I am amazed at how creative and amazing these women are that I have come across. How they redo furniture etc.. I thought well I have done that,but that's not what my blog is about... So I thought why not tell you a little about myself so you really know who I am...I love to be surrounded by positive people. I love to laugh, I love my Family and friends. Especially my dearest friends Ben and Jerry.. Love those guys.. My Fav Mint chip...Love seafood and a must for me is a good Chardonnay,Cab and extra cold a lot of olives Dirty Martini...Fabulous.. A nice Friday or Sat treat...I get together with Friends for dinner club which I love.. Cooking is one of my passions. I am all about Organic.. I do like sweets.. I must say and McDonald's Fries... I know doesn't fit in to that category.. Oh Well! I try not to stress.. I hate the weight I feel on my shoulders.. So I talk myself thru it.. I love to help others.. I love to make people smile.. I love,Love the word love can't you tell LOL. No seriously.. I love to hear kids Giggle.. I always laugh. Oh I love pets.. Not a big fan of ones with long skinny tails.. The Rodent family doesn't do it for me..Do I cry?? Oh yeah baby.. I shed the tears.. My son started Kindergarten this year.. He is my last to go off to school. I sat in the parking Lot and balled.. The other moms must of thought I had lost it.. It was a sad day for me... But Look,I am now home typing away with not one interruption... Life if good right now...O.K. that's enough about me...

I may have e-mailed many of you to ask if I can write about you.. Every time I get a yes.. I am blessed for that, Thank You.. This being the reason for this post. I have been asked by a lot of people to give them some insight of who I am.. So This is why the big long post...

So you will see in the pictures I have on the top.. My style.. French country, shabby chic..I love to create.. I just haven't found the time to do anything lately. I have put my focus on this blog/business and I am truly loving every minute of it.. I owe it all to you.. You make it fun to get started each day. Your amazing products you send for review or your comments and e-mails. Thank You!

I am so happy to have a connection with you. I get joy. knowing you are interested in what I have to say. Thank you Subscribers.. You are getting my e-mails.. Sometimes multiple of one topic.. I apologize for that , still working out the glitches. Please.. Leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.. Please write to me if you want to be featured..I am on the hunt for "Blog of the Month".. If you are the one, let me know.. If you want to nominate someone,let me know.If you want a spot on my sponsor page,Let me know...

Thanks for listening.. I hope you have a better understanding of who I am.. The person who created.. The Fabulous Finds.. Thank You,Thank You

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