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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ladies.. Looking to change your Life?? Join my challenge..

O.K. Here's the deal. The time has come for me to make a change. My youngest child is 5 and the weight needs to shed. I have always been thin in my younger years but the lbs have been adding on.. I know I am ready to change my life. In a year I will be 40, and I want to look FABULOUS for the turning point of my life.. I am reviewing ChaLEAN Extremes workout. It's a 90 day change your life program. We are all women ,and we all get in a funk.. Do you want to join me? We can chat about our progress and with the Help of my coach Holly we will rock it and look amazing by the holidays.. Who's ready?? I will help you every step of the way. Just think when you really want that cupcake or those salty chips.. e-mail me we can chat and work thru it.. I know it's going to be a struggle at first but, the best one in the end trust me. Who's ready?? Please contact Holly she is ready to add you to this journey. We can do this together. I will be posting on a weekly basis my progress and yours as well. I am telling you if we do this you will love who you are and be proud of who you are. I know I am ready are you? please email and e-mail me so I know you are taking the challenge with me. I will include you in my posts. Remember when you contact Holly make sure to tell her you are taking the challenge with Heather from ,The Fabulous Finds..
I have been given the extreme workout collection for review by( PBP)

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