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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fabulous Tech Gifts 2009

Parrot MINIKIT Chic.. Love,Love it.So many states now have a law against driving while using a cell phone in CT this was just passed not to long ago. So what did we all do?? We went out to purchase a bluetooth.. You know that crazy bug looking piece that fits in your ear. I am not a fan. I didn't like the fact of having that piece wrap around my ear. So the solution, I was on a mission to find. Parrot MINIKit chic my friend was the answer. A sleek gadget offering bluetooth and a hands free portable design. You can take in the car,work or home.. It offers a voice activated technology that helps locate your contacts and dial the person for you all while you drive.. It's like having your own secretary.. Pretty amazing. I am very happy and I know it will make for an amazing gift. Comes in different sleek styles. Check out PARROTSHOPPING

SKYNMobile.. This is an amazing fun company.. Why not jazz up your laptop with designer skyns,or if you are creative design your own with this Blank skyn that you can customize with your own creative flair. Makes for a great gift.. Also check out their crystal computer mouse. If you love Bling these are sure to please. SKYNMOBILE

O.K. These are a must especially during Cold and Flu season. I have young kids and one is about to get a cell phone.Celly Smellys scented wipes for your technical products. Cellphones,laptops,mp3 players,handheld game system..Comes in three scents.. Minimizes germs and grime.. A must for this holiday season.. Great stocking stuffer. AMAZON

Elfyourself from officemax.. Yes that's me,my kids and husband. I love this and the best part it's FREE.. Very funny to make your holiday e-cards... You even get to pick a theme and dance etc.. We laughed so hard making this..Highly recommended

Jenda.. First off if I don't have my appointments written down I am sure to forget. Jenda calendar is a must in every household. This isn't your average calendar. It has a record and play button for the date you select. For example: Today I had my daughters soccer game at 12:15. I recorded the message last week on the calendar. This morning I saw the red flashing light letting me know that today I had something. I pressed the button and it told me about the game.. LOVE IT! This makes for a great gift..BUYJENDA

iH15W Color changing speaker for ipod. Home Audio has created this cool speaker for your ipod an amazing system. I love mine. I have it in my kitchen with my ipod hooked up. I love that while playing music it changes colors. This makes for a great gift for any age. Love ,Love it. Great for your outdoor party or in your kids room. For me I rock out while making dinner LOL.. This is a must this holiday and iHome offers it at a great pricepoint. A true crowd pleaser. Check it out all of their styles and accessories. iHOMEAudio

DXG-720p HD Rivera. This is a must. This small handheld camcorder does more than you think. I love how nice it fits in my hand and it's very light. Plus they offer it in pink FABULOUS! The options this little gadget offers is endless. Well we know it's a camcorder but did you know it's also a digital camera, has voice recording and can be plugged into your TV to watch the amazingly clear video that you just filmed?..You will love the price at $149 makes for an exceptional gift. Comes in other colors as well and also offers a carrying case that's very hip. check out their other cameras from underwater to minis..DXGUSA
Litl. Perfect name for a pretty impressive web book. Why Litl for your choice of home computer? Maintenance free,Intuitive,Photo sharing,light,offers channels, offers flip screen. Did I mention it's really easy to use and very light? I love the point and click design.. Eliminates all the junk.. You are probably asking what does maintance free mean? Well I'll put it in words from a mom who knows.. Litl makes it easy to surf the web,add photos and play rather having to update,maintain,plug ins etc.. This is all done while you catch some ZZZZ's Litl takes the headache out of owning a computer all at no additional cost for the life of your litl. The flip screen ( easel Mode) one of the many features I love.. Allows me to view non stop photos or the weather, videos etc.. I highly recommend this.. Lose the fluff and you have a future forward piece of technology.. Add to your holiday list. I highly recommend LITL

Demy.. This is great for cooks and bakers. This revolutionary digital recipe reader holds all of your recipes.. 1500 to be exact. Craziness. High resolution color screen lets you see all of your recipes by category. sync it up to your computer this will allow you to be on your account with keyingredient.What I love is the touch screen feature and the 5X7 size makes it an added bonus for counter space. When you are whipping up cookies or your grandmas mashed potatoes and you pull the beater out of the bowl too early and the contents of the bowl goes flying and lands on your Demy.. No worries.. a damp cloth will do the trick, makes for easy clean up.. FABULOUS... Love it. Having a little trouble seeing fine print? No worries tap on the font screen and make the words bigger.. I'm telling you this is a must for the cook or baker on your list . One of the best Holiday gifts this year.Check them out MYDEMY

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