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Friday, November 6, 2009

Spreading The Love On Friday!

OH the ideas and more. Well I fell in love with this Creative and Fabulous company..How many times have I said in previous posts that I love packaging and that it makes a gift or an event stand OUT?. Well Garnish is one of those place's that's a must to bookmark. They have come up with the most creative ideas for Parties,Gifts etc. I love the soup swap and the kids table so fun..O.K. you ask why is this Fabulous?? I will tell you. I have looked at other sites that show a set up of a party or party ideas. Then I have to take what I read and try and piece together how they made it or where to find the contents to make my party look the same. Garnish does all that for you. They tell and show you the idea then offer everything that you need to create it without leaving their site. Let me here it, FABULOUS right.. You can dress Garnish up or Down.I love that they have a natural feel. Adding fun Labels or color can really jazz them up in YOUR own creative way. Go check out the site.. Leave them a comment and tell them they are Fabulous.


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  2. Thanks so much for this post. I will definitely be checking it out:-) I also wanted to give you a blog award; this award is the Heartfelt Blogger Award:-) Please come on over to my blog, and check it out... Congrats on your Awards!!!


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