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Monday, November 16, 2009

What's On your Holiday List?

O.K. The Holiday's are getting closer and Thanksgiving is next week. So is my Birthday.. Yes! I am a turkey baby LOL.. I am asking for you to tell me what's on your families holiday lists? What are they or yourself asking for. Me, well it's cooking classes. Not because I can't cook I want to learn how to make more elegant foods and learn about cheeses and wine pairing.. I love to entertain so this will make an amazing gift.. Honey you will get this e-mail so please jot this one down (laugh).. My kids well.. My son (5) wants 1/2 pipe and long board if you don't know what that is Skateboarding stuff. My middle daughter (9) art supplies,DSI,Uggs my other daughter (10) wants laptop and cell phone.. Craziness. Although I am anti- cell phone for kids. She is Diabetic and it will be a good thing for her.. The computer well.. She loves it and plays all the fun kids games like club penguin and build a bearville,stardoll etc.. No surfing thank goodness..My Husband he's easy he wants a North face Denali jacket in black.. So tell me what's on the lists of your family and friends.. Please tell me in a comment below.. Also share holiday traditions and recipes if you want for other viewers to see.. I can't wait to read and comment back..


  1. Well, my husband and I don't have kids yet and last year we decided that we don't need stuff. We instead took a vacation on the money we would have spent. We are doing the same this year, but this time we making it a family thing. My parents and my little brother are going to the beach with us for a week! As for gifts for my famliy, I am making them. I got almost all my inspiration from great bloggers! I cut my spending by over half just by making gifts instead of buying them. I posted what I am making on my blog and linked back to any ideas I got from others. I am started on the gifts and will try to work on them a little section at a time.

    Happy (early) Birthday!

  2. Renanda,

    Sounds amazing. I love that you are taking a family vacation. I am all about family.. I also love the handmade idea. When I first got married I used to make my own wrapping paper.Thank You for sharing..



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