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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eco/Fun Outdoor gifts 2009

Brazilets.. We all want to have a genie we can give
three wishes too right? Well not needed with Brazilets. You get to wear your wishes. Tie three knots while saying your wishes write them on the card provided so you don't forget and when the bracelet falls off naturally your wishes come true. Founded by: Kael Robinson. This is a 200 year old Brazilian tradition. The best is a portion of the proceeds from Brazilets goes towards planting trees in the Brazilian Rainforest.. Check them out you will want every color.. Spread the wishes this holiday season. BRAZILETS

The Pico Arm Chair Telescoping Director's Chair. This is a must for anyone into Camping,Boating,Watching Sports,Tailgating. I own this chair and love it. I am a soccer mom of three athletic kids. I am always sitting at games. This chair is designed to fold up to laptop size. I love the compartments, the bag you can attach to the back for you magazines extra drinks anything. I have to tell you. I watch all the parents on the side line struggling trying to get that big fold up chair out of their bags.. Then when they sit, it's like they cave into the chair and they look so uncomfortable..I think The Pico is the way to go. Let's put comfort back in sitting. This makes for an amazing gift.. This company is run by two young entrepreneurs who are always scrambling and creating the next best thing for the outdoor market. Check out the rest of their products from canoe and kayak seats to camping stools. Get one in time for the holidays. GCIOUTDOOR

Attention bakers this is a must..Love n Bake is what you need for quality all Natural additions for your home baking. Your friends will think you you spent a ton of money at the Italian bakery down the street. The Chocolate Schmear is to die for Delish. I could eat it right out of the can. Well actually I did (don't tell anyone). I love that when you remove the labels you are given some great recipes. They are known for their almond paste. I have to say this paste is so amazing and creates the best cookies I have ever tasted..I can't forget to mention the Cinnamon smear, Yummy!.. This is so good when making home made cinnamon buns.. Check them out Grab a couple and start baking or buy some ,wrap them up and give as gifts. Your baking friend will love it..LOVENBAKE

I love,love this..I have given so many of these as gifts.. I am all about not having to breath in an air freshener that had just been sprayed. Plus they are bad for our environment and your health. Founded by: Suzy Batiz . I want to thank Suzy for creating such an amazing product.. The formula she created is an all natural essential oil base that masks smells in your toilet water. They offer travel sizes that are great when your on the GO.. The packaging works for all bathrooms and this makes for a great conversation piece. She also has created Pooch-pourri which is great to eliminate pet odors. She has , I love this Royal Flush for all the men in your life.. You will be amazed at the scent it leaves behind. This is a must. If it wasn't Fabulous I wouldn't tell you about it. So check out POO-POURRI

Produce bags. These are so amazing. No more pulling those plastic bags from the roll and then trying to figure out how to open the darn thing. These come in a package of 5 and the have a cinch top for opening and closing easily.. Love it.. A must for everyone.. Think outside of your produce box because these are multi functional.. Great for travel too.FLIPANDTUMBLE

These scream rainbow. I love these bags. Another great invention by Flip & Tumble. I love these so much.. You are probably saying O.K. they are just another re-usable bag what gives.. Well Again I wouldn't be writing about them if they weren't Fabulouso..These bags fold up into little balls and you can put them in your pocket.. LOve iT!Great for the Holidays and the colors are so yummy.. Check them out FLIPANDTUMBLE

Oh what can I say about Silver Moon.. (Sigh) Go out and buy these by the stinking case.. They are amazing. I am showing one of many flavors they offer this is one of my Faves. Pomegranate Martini.. Yes, these Ice creams and Sorbets are infused with Liqueur.. Must be 21 my friends. I think this is a unique gift and it will be liked by many. Shipped directly to your recipients home.. The packaging, a cooler and dry ice, so no worries.. This company makes the most flavorful desserts. I am in love.. Check them out and order up a bunch..This is way better than gift cards.. And seeing how online buying is all the rage you don't have to leave your house to purchase.. SILVERMOONDESSERTS

No they aren't chocolates.. They are Garden Bon Bons. I know I was amazed myself. These are all handmade by rolling seeds into Organic compost. They come in different shapes so you know what seeds are in each one. They offer different kits from Italian which will have basil,chives,parsley and thyme. They even have an herbal tea selection.. This will make for a gift to remember.. MOULTONOLOGY

With the environmental crisis we are in. This company Offers amazing ways for us to conserve energy and think green. The company Niagara Conservation. They offer great tools on how to help with things around the house. I learned that a normal light bulb gives only10% light and the rest is given off heat. By replacing your bulbs to fluorescence you will save 50% on your lighting bill or more. I now have those swirled looking light bulbs all thru my house. They do cost a little more but they last longer. Niagara offers conservation kits like the one you see above. They created different ones for cater to your needs. This really gives you a better insight on how to create a greener home. Oh and I forgot to mention. Each kit comes in a cardboard house.. Perfect for your child's barbies or Lego's.. Love it.. All about recycling my friend.. Check them out NIAGARACONSERVATION

O.K. This is a must have. I had so many water bottles in my house with my kids all in sports they were always being filled and brought to games. So many I them I throw away because of the plastic etc.. So after a long search I found Ech2O These are amazing. What makes them so great is they have a filter system that draws all the unnecessary things that are in our water. The filter life is up to 100 gallons of water and needs to be replaced every 12 months.. That's amazing. I love it,my kids love it. They use 304 Food Grade stainless steel bottles.. These are great for taking water from the tap,streams,rivers and lakes. The filter system will do the work..I recommend these bottles for everyone on your list. Check them out ECH2O

Yes, these are for everyone..Blackwell's Organic Gelato/Sorbet are so silky smooth and delicious. They also ship direct using a cooler and dry ice.. The flavors are all mouth watering. I love Mango.. Give these as a gift or order for yourself BLACKWELLSORGANIC

Boom Boom Revolution Cards.. Be kind and track it online..I think of it kind of like geocaching the only difference is you aren't trekking in the woods with a GPS.. The Boom Boom cards are a be kind pay it forward idea.Created by two amazing and creative women Mary Beth Campbell and Helen Scott. What makes this idea so great it you can spread kindness throughout out the country and beyond.. Here's how it works. You will get a box with cards that you have to register online. Very easy. Then you pick from the deck and follow thru with what the card says. For example: You pick a card that says buy someone a coffee.. You do the kind deed then you pass that card of to the person. They then log on enter location etc.. That person then will go and repeat your action to someone else.. A chain of Kindness.. Who wouldn't want to do this.. Who knows theperson you bought the cup of coffee forhas generated it across the country.. Craziness.. I love it Check them out BOOMBOOMCARDS

Sierra Club.. This makes for a great gift especially for a loved one who really loves doing something good and loves the outdoors.. Heck this makes for a great gift all together. The Club has put together a sponsor program for wild places. You can sponsor a national park in your recipients name. They will receive a gift and you as well a way for Sierra Club to say thank you . Just think you will make a difference by sponsoring Yosemite,Grand Canyon the Everglades.. Check this out.. I am all about helping out causes and this is at the top of my list along with Livestrong,American Diabetes etc, etc...SIERRACLUB

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