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Monday, December 21, 2009

Fabulous Gifts for Pets...

Pepper and Tanky.. So delightful..Why not have your pooch smelling like coco channel.. Only his or her scent might be vanilla Woof or Peaches and Cream. These Fabulous Products are worn on many Celebrity Pooches..I have a cockapoo named "Henry" and he is sporting Vanilla Woof.. I am telling you this is the best way for your furry friend to smell like they walked out of the Ritz Carlton Salon.. This makes the best gift.. Buy a couple of bottles and spoil your friends pets.. They will Woof you for it..XO

I love this product. I didn't get to see this in person so I am going off from what I read online. I am all about wine.. I have traveled to Napa and Sonoma many times. This is the best idea for dog bowls. They are recycled wine crates. You can have a single bowl or double. What I like is the height. Especially for larger dogs. Growing up my dad breed Golden Retrievers and watching them eat out of their bowls they looked hunched over.. So my dad would raise their bowls with stands.. When I came across Whiner and Diner. I just had to write about them. This not only goes with any kitchen ,mud room etc.. I love the creativeness and design, Everything. Plus they are made right here in my home state of Connecticut. Check out their site they have so many items to offer.. Great gift for anyone with a pet..

Earthbark is the movement that promotes environmentally responsible dog ownership.
We are passionate about reducing our dog's carbon paw print, embracing an earth friendly lifestyle and advocating for more dog friendly spaces in our communities.
Earthbark leads this campaign by being the ultimate resource of reliable information on environmentally sound dog ownership.

We believe that we must help our dogs guard our planet by being informed and by choosing earth friendly products and services. Earthbark identifies simple practices, reviews products and identifies local services that promote our dog's well being and at the same time make a big difference in doing our part to prevent our planet's global climate change.

There is a wide range of cool, well designed and award winning eco friendly products made out of recycled or reused materials that your dog will certainly enjoy. We help you make those smart and responsible choices by having Lola, our dog product tester, thoroughly research and test them.

We are also aware that as dog lovers, we would like to be able to take our companions almost everywhere we go. To be welcomed with our dogs in all types of businesses and have more "off leash parks" in our communities. The only way to get this, is by showing that we are responsible dog owners, not only with the care we provide to our pets, but also towards our environment and training our dogs to behave properly in public spaces.
Love it.. check them out..Sign up and pledge

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