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Friday, January 22, 2010

A true Inspiration!

7 years ago, La Cresha Johnson had a baby and was entirely out of shape. As a former modern jazz and ballet dancer from San Francisco, this was a very uncomfortable place for her to be in her life.

When she was pregnant, she gained nearly 70 pounds and was struggling to feel good about her new found body shape. She had relocated to Atlanta from the San Francisco Bay Area, was adjusting to new change and a new life, and really wanting to get the "baby weight" off of her body.

One day, it hit her. She decided she had grown tired of being considered fat and people making snide comments about her. She had grown tired of being tired. She wanted change and she wanted it badly. She knew she always relied on dance when she was younger but didn't think dance was in her life in that manner anymore. She decided to start running even though she was never a runner before.
She would run everyday in her neighborhood until it became a habit. She just kept on running and never stopped running. She then teamed up with some fellow church mates at Bishop Eddie Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Samson Gym and started working out with weights. "Once I started combining weight training with running is when the weight started dropping off like crazy. I started to be very encouraged. That's when I decided to enter a Atlanta fitness competition and keep it going."

La Cresha Johnson changed her body, her mind, and entered into a fitness competition in Suwanee, GA. She expected nothing but getting experience and saying that she was in a competition. At the end of the competition, and not expecting much at all, they called her name as first place winner in her class. She was astonished and amazed. Right after that, she dedicated her life to helping mothers and women lose weight and get into great shape. She now trains women in the Lithonia, Decatur, and Atlanta area. You can reach La Cresha Johnson for a confidential nutrition analysis and workout plan at 678-437-3286.

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