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Monday, January 25, 2010

You Go Girl! Pole walking all the Fitness Craze..


Walking Poles Balance Walking

Foot Solutions Chung Shi shoes.. The best of the best..

Katie McCatty:

"I've struggled with my weight since I was a kid, but I've finally found
success with a system that works for me - and fits into my busy lifestyle.
I've recently lost 80 pounds and am working to maintain my weight loss. I
discovered Balance Walking when looking for a new form of exercise - and I
love it!

Here's what I'm doing: around noon daily, I make time after lunch to meet up
with a friend, take my dog, or go by myself for a walk. It's amazing -
Balance Walking turns a regular walk into a full body workout by adding
Nordic Walking poles and specially designed rocker sole shoes. Bringing the
upper body into the workout it's a huge bonus as in the same 15 minutes I
can burn almost twice as many calories. And I can do it while I'm
socializing with my girlfriends.

Sometimes it is hard to set aside fifteen minutes in the day but the reward
is so gratifying I make sure to fit it into my schedule. Because it is more
intense, even when using brief walking sessions I still receive weight loss

Before my scheduled "me time" I was dragging by late afternoon and out of
energy when the kids got home from school. But by allowing this time for
myself, I feel rejuvenated and ready for anything. It is as though I went
from starting strong and fizzling out, to getting two fresh starts in one
day. I tackle some morning errands, take a "Balance Walking Break for ME!"
and then am refueled for my afternoon tasks. Now that I know what I was
missing now I make my "me time" a top priority." Katie McCatty, Orland Park,

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