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Monday, February 1, 2010

Headed to NYC and need a place at stay?

I just got back from visiting NYC. I have to tell you about a hotel I stayed in that's sure to please. Located on 136W 55th street. The Blakely, a proud member of K Hotels ( The heart of Manhattan's theatre district.. They have a small quaint lobby and restaurant/bar (Abboccatto) but with a library boutique feel that I found to be homey. I have to give big kudos to the staff/ service they were "Fabulous", very accommodating.. With your stay they offer complimentary breakfast that included: Fresh squeezed juices,pastries,coffee,tea,bagels,yogurt.. Great way to get charged before hitting the streets. They offer Internet service,Gym, 24hr Concierge,Dry Cleaning,Babysitting and so much more. The rooms are very comfortable and extremely clean... I highly recommend the Deluxe suite. Very relaxing and made for a great night sleep...

They also offer a discount for parking which is located right next door (very convenient). I will say this though, if you have an "over sized" vehicle the parking rate for the car goes us up a lot. If your stay is only an over night. Please make sure you have picked up your car before the 24 hr period is up ,because if you are a minute over ,tack on another $20... That happened to me, so I wanted to share this. All in all the hotel is a comforting place to stay. I highly recommend it for your next visit to the "Big City". Please go and visit them online, and see for yourself. You will be "Happy" you selected this for your next choice of stay.. ENJOY!... Like their logo.. "It's a great place to hang your hat"...

4 Stars

1 comment:

  1. So good to know! Believe it or not, I am an ex-NY'er but since I lived there I never needed a place to stay. Now when I go back, I don't know where to go! Coming to you from over at Blog Frog and so glad to connect! Love this blog!


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