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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Hidden Treasure

After shopping around NYC. I knew I needed a little pampering.. I found this amazing little place on 501 Fifth Avenue Suite 707... I was told that this is a must visit.. So I knew I had to review it... When entering ,you wouldn't think that a luxury esthetician was in the building.. I walked int the elevator and pressing the button. I couldn't wait for what I was about to experience. When I arrived at the door of Joanna Vargas it was like no other I have been to. Small earthy,organic feel. Nobody had white coats on or water flowing in fountains...I felt very comfortable.. It was almost like going to a friends loft.. The smell of lavender struck me as fulfilling and while I waited I sipped on green tea and nibbled coconut infused organic truffles that were to "die for delish"...

One of the doors opened to the room ,I would soon enter. Joanna appeared and of course had skin that was radiant and youthful and I new I was in for a treat. Joanna, created her business after working in many high end salons and knew she wanted a more organic, personal skin Care salon. I would say" hands down she accomplished it".

When I layed on the table the smells relaxed me right away,not to mention the music playing...

She got right to it.. The treatment I was having "Triple Crown Facial", had three steps.

1. Diamond Peel which helps radiate a youthful glow 2. Microcurrent. This is a must.. She worked on one side of my face and then showed me in a mirror the difference each side looked. I was truly amazed it thinned lines and I lost some puffiness in my face.. I looked Fabulous! Only on the side she worked on though LOL.

3. Oxygen treatment, this was pretty Fabulous too. It was almost like puffs of air to help make everything flow properly in the cells.. It was almost giving them a jump start to refresh themselves. A much needed wake up call ,I would say.

I spoke to Joanna the entire time asking her about her business and getting to know her as a person. In all the time I have been to have facials or a massage whatever, I never talk to the person doing the work. I truly enjoyed my conversation and learned a lot. She is a wonderful down to earth person and I would highly recommend you go and visit her. I will say this to have the owner (Joanna Vargas) work on you, it's an Addtl cost, I think well worth it.. She has 2 other estheticians that work for her that are also amazing...All in all you will walk out "Happy".

This is the hidden treasure I was talking about.. If you are walking down 5th Ave you wouldn't know it exists... Word of mouth is what makes her business successful. So I am passing this off to you. If you live in NYC or have planned a trip to visit,make sure you book a facial.

Check out JOANNAVARGAS a must visit while in the city! One you will sure re-visit...

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