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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who says shoes can't be rolled???

Love these... Packing drives me crazy... I have tried so many ways to make all my items fit without having to sit on my suitcase to pull that stinking zipper closed.. Well wouldn't you say, the worst thing to pack is shoes? I cringe because they are always the last to go in right? Well This product is Fabulous, FOOTZYROLLS I think a wonderful creation.. Adorable, comfy ballet flats that roll up into a little bag... I received a pair to try and I have to tell you I was afraid that the shape would be weird when rolled out,however that wasn't the case. These shoes are so comfy cozy and perfect for travel... They offer a variety of colors.. When you are planning your next trip and only want to take a few pairs of shoes.. Make sure that you pack an assortment of footzyrolls... They are a casual,comfy style suitable for any feet and occasion.

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  1. Your page (blog) is amazing! I'm going to give your page a real good look thru just to get hints on being better organized (lol).


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