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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Leaf Touchstone Bracelet Review!

As a Fabulous Finds Reviewer I was able to review this pretty bracelet. I'm not into a lot of jewelry - the real stuff. But I like to wear the fun stuff!

The bracelet was sent to me for review by Cindy Loughran at New Leaf Touchstone. Cindy is a certified Professional Coach and Change agent. She has worked with teams and individuals for over 20 years, helping them make changes to enable them to be more effective and personally satisfied in all areas of their lives.
I know I could help in this area and years ago I could have used a lot of help.(raising 3 stepsons!!)
Anyway, there are many different colors and styles available and if you're not into bracelets or want something for a guy, she also has Pocket Stones. New Leaf Touchstones wants to help people fulfill their good intentions and to make changes stick. Each bracelet has a little leaf attached, to remind you to "turn over a new leaf".
The bracelets are made by at risk adolescence girls who are overcoming a variety of obstacles. Working with New Leaf Touchstones allows them to earn money and learn social and business skills. When you visit their website you can also find information on goals and change, positive thinking and so much more, definitely worth the look.
The bracelets are truly beautiful and every time I look at mine I think of the areas in my life that need improving.
The girls at my work were excited to see this bracelet, I received several compliments. I'm sure they will be checking out New Leaf Touchstones to order their own.Review By: Anne

Beautiful bracelet. beautiful story about how they are made. Love the packaging. Neat that they have so many different colors. Felt happy when I was wearing it. Review By: Linda

New Leaf Touch Stone

When I first received this bracelet I thought it was beautiful with interchanged pink and purple beads and a dainty leaf charm hanging from the center.
Little did I know there was so much more to it than just a bracelet! After logging on to the New Leaf website and reading not only what the bracelets are
about but who makes them, they became even more charming. I used my bracelet as a "reminder tool" to be a little bit nicer to those I come in contact with
throughout the day. Even if they aren't my favorite person, taking a moment to smile and say hello. The bracelet helped to act as a subtle reminder,
discrete in the sense that no one new its deeper purpose and yet the perfect reminder for myself! I'm sure I will continue to use it, most likely
changing its purpose along the way! Review By: Cami

New Leaf Touchstone Bracelet

WOW! Let me tell you how much I love this bracelet. I love the design (mine was one of forty different designs). I love the pretty organza bag that it came in. I love the colors. I love the texture. I love that each bead/charm has a certain meaning. I love that is hand-made by at-risk adolescent girls. I love that it is a beautiful and practical way to help you change a certain behavior that troubles you. I would love it only a bit more if it was larger as I have a big wrist.

The instructions ask you to "charge" your bracelet to give it its power. You will need to sit quietly and visualize for a few minutes. My focus during this exercise was visualizing healthy food choices that I intend to make. I put the bracelet on and then went on with my day. With the bracelet on my wrist I had a visual reminder as I reached for the cookie or the bag of potato chips so rather than me eating them mindlessly, I actually thought about it first and then I chose fruit or yogurt instead. The bracelet actually does remind me to make healthier choices and I am delighted as a result! Did I tell you how much I love this bracelet?
Review By: Wendy

New Leaf Touchstone Bracelet

I like the idea of this bracelet. I’m always a fan of finding a way to be constantly reminded of our goals and thinking positive. Also, the fact that each bracelet is made by an at-risk girl gives the person even more motivation to overcome the things they may be working towards improving. As a 25 year old though, it isn’t the type of bracelet I would find myself wearing. What can I say; the beads would need to be a little larger and flashier. I could see this bracelet being more popular with an older generation.Review By: Melinda

New Leaf Touchstone Bracelet

I would like to thank Cindy for creating such an inspirational concept.. We all want to turn over a new leaf in our lives at one point or another.. Whether we are looking for weight loss,Dealing with losing a loved one,Depression,Bad habits... These bracelets are a little reminder that we can over come anything we put our mind too...The majority of the time we find ourselves weak in so many areas of our life...Cindy has been coaching people to take back their lives in a positive and life changing way... I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Cindy and have my Reviewers take the time to read about Cindy and her accomplishments.. Check her out for yourself at Review By: Heather

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