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Friday, October 29, 2010

You're Invited to a Yummy Twitter Party!

You're Invited to a twitter party all about amazing "Chocolate".

When: November 10,2010
Where: use hashtag #5thAveChoc
Also join in at add hastag #5thAveChoc
Time: 6-7 pm
Guest Of honor: 5th Ave Chocolatiere

1) Chocolate Covered Strawberries
2) Box of Mixed Chocolate Nuts
3) Chocolate Covered Oreos
4) Box of Chocolate Covered Pretzels w/ Reeses
5) Box of Designer Truffles
6) Medium Box of Signature Cocoa Covered Truffles
7) Chocolate Covered Fruit Platter
8) Large Box of Signature Cocoa Covered Truffles
9) Chocolate Filled Cornucopia
10) Thanksgiving Chocolate platter

**Check out 5th Ave Chocolatiere

RSVP: @thefabulousfind

**Things you need to do: The night of the Party Follow @5thavechoc on twitter and on facebook at 5th ave chocolatiere


  1. I rsvp'd to you on twitter! sounds fun!!

  2. @Lexiquin believes the only way to get rid of temptation is by yielding to it :)
    I love chocolate!

  3. chocolate covered oreos?? I had white chocolate covered oreos a few years ago and man were they delicious! I haven't been able to find them ANYWHERE since then though :'(

  4. oh my this sounds sooo yummy i rsvped my grandma is a chocolate crazy this would be perfected for her!!!

  5. Sent you a message on Twitter--hope that works! Chocolate is YUMMO! :)


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