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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

WOW! 2010 has come and gone...The New Year will be an amazing one. I always try and start new things and this year I am committed to getting my self in better shape. I just got back from a ski trip with my family very Fabulous!. My kids learned how to snowboard and I will say it is a very hard task. I loved snapping my boots in my bindings and going down the slopes feeling Free as a bird. I loved how amazing everything looked, I did truly miss skiing and was so ready to start up the sport again. Then as the day dwindled and the cocktails started to flow and relaxation kicked in my muscles began to scream for ADVIL! I was in soooo much pain every muscle in my body ached. That is when I told myself the New year will bring a New me! I need to condition myself and get in shape... So as the New year begins and my career starts to climb I will be stronger,more open minded and look forward to all the hurdles I need to climb. The best part is knowing no matter how hard the task or journey that lies ahead I will be ready for it and know in my heart that I worked hard to get there... Happy New Year Everyone Enjoy each and every day. This year take the time to sit and soak in the sun and listen to an old friend or loved one and hug and kiss your kids everyday and not let little things boggle you down. Positive is key and I plan on taking that road...

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