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Friday, September 4, 2009

Cahootie The Future Is In Your Hands FABULOUS!

Remember as a kid making those 4 pointy triangles made out of paper that you swished back and fourth with your fingers while asking you friends questions? Well if not , I have to tell you I did as a kid and loved it. The anticipation of not knowing the answer until the swish stops to unveil the answer under the flap of paper..Genius.. While walking the NY gift show I stumbled upon my childhood creation.. The Cahootie. Only it was colorful and had themes. Mine never had themes it was made from outlined paper with the edges still attached.. I was amazed and overjoyed because I could bring this amazing colorful creation home to my daughters and watch them interact with this modernized classic game.

Cahootie an experience of Fun,Learning and a way for families and tweens to connect with their friends. After talking with the owner Blythe ,who is a joy to talk with, by the way. I understood the concept and the reasoning why she took something that could be easily made with a simple piece of paper. After she merged with the creator Jeff Jurgensen they added a twist from the old to creating a pre-folded laminated paper with Fun,Colorful graphics.. I am so for the New. I mentioned earlier they have themes..

Hey Girlfriend,My Fab Family (Good on long car rides),Truth or Dare,Would You,My Fab Future,Sporty Girls,Republican,Democrat,Wishes & Dreams and Birthday Wishes... Craziness.. So many choices. These are great for gifts,birthday favors,stocking stuffer.. Your kids will love them and parents too. Go check out their site Cahootie see for yourself why these creations are Fabulous!..

GIVEAWAY: Blythe was very Generous to offer two lucky winners to pick two Cahooties of their choice.

Please follow Giveaway Directions. Remember to add my button to your site.


  1. I used to make these all the time! On one hand - part of the fun was in making them, but on the other hand - this one would be really cool because it would probably hold up MUCH better. I have posted your widget and was already a subscriber. Now I'm about to twitter this contest, too! THANKS!!!

  2. I LOVED these things! I have your widget on my blog and I'm already a subscriber. Plus, I tweeted it! THANKS!!

  3. Posted widget and I am a subscriber #1

  4. Posted widget and I am a subscriber #2

  5. i loved these as a kid and would love to get them for my kids!!!

  6. I'm a subscriber w/ your widget

  7. I used to love making these. I am sure my kids would love them.

    I have your button, subscribe, and follow.

  8. I'm a follower and I would love to be entered - thanks!


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