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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Fabulous Thursday

Today I received in the mail my Merchandise magazine. I belong to VMSD.. A magazine all about retail merchandising etc.. I used to be a merchandiser and I freelance for companies when they need me. But anyway it talks about what store was chosen for Retailer of the year... Drum Roll.. It is Urban Outfitters.. Great store. Love ,Love the uniqueness,quirkiness of it.. The next time you are near an Urban Outfitters check the store out. Their displays are fun and very innovative. A breath of fresh air.. I love Anthropologie.. Also a store they talk about a lot in this months issue.. Well I had to share how Fabulous it is that Urban Outfitters is Retailer of the Year. Keep up the good work... I am going to contact them and maybe fingers crossed get a Gift Cert for one of my lucky Fab Friends...

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