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Monday, September 14, 2009

Fabulous not so Fabulous!

MTV awards.. Oh my.. I must say very tasteless. I guess that's how it's supposed to be when they never show any videos. Well after arriving I saw all the Hills stars,Hilton Perez,Pink,Jade from America's next top model,P Diddy,Taylor swift so many.. Well after taking my seat. I was shocked to see the opening act.. Tribute to Michael Jackson. I felt out of all his accomplishments his tribute could have been more over the top. Madonna didn't blow me away with her speech either.. and Janet" Oh" Janet why couldn't she have said something? Not at all impressed..

So during Commercial.. and a lot goes on.. celebs or want to be celebs are all in hallways getting cocktails.. I must say.. the girls are so thin.. I had to ask myself if any of them eat? Sunken faces bone thin frames.. I am so Happy I enjoy life and eat food.. What an amazing gift LOL..So after returning to my seat.. The Taylor swift award Oh, classless Kanye West took away her moment. I felt so bad for her.. Standing there looking around like what do I do? Beyonce mortified by it all.. I knew at that moment.. My time there was going to be short lived. So Not a Fabulous Experience. :(

On the brighter side.. Dinner before hand. Bobby Flay.. What an amazing meal. My brother in law is friends with him and asked if we could eat at his restaurant " Bar Americain" on 152w 52nd street. Because getting a reservation during an award night and during Fashion week is impossible.. So he was nice to hook us up and get us in.. The Food is so delicious with a little fusion touch. The atmosphere is over the top ,large custom lighting and the antiqued pieced mirror along the bar is the soothing focal point to the restaurant. I can't say anything bad about the staff.. You never had a dirty dish in front of you and your water glass was never empty.. The hand baked bread basket was Delish not to mention my entree: Red snapper with plantain Chips and mango chutney so amazingly good..I highly recommend this restaurant a must visit.. Definitely a Fabulous Find in NYC.

So that's my night in a nutshell. All in all a great time. It's nice to be able to head into the city for dinner and a show..A Must in my future.


  1. What a awesome experience!! I still can't believe Kanye did that to Taylor Swift...but it really shoud not shock anyone if you really think about it. Why are some people so classless...I don't get it.
    I was glad to see Beyonce give Taylor a chance to give her speech. Now that is class!

  2. It was fun on twitter last night! Kanye needs to remember he is not an invincible celebrity and Beyonce certainly stepped up to the plate.

  3. Popping in from MBC!
    Now following you...

    Kanye just craves attention!
    He needs to get over himself, he's just rude.
    He went from having tatrums about not getting awards to messing up someone else acceptinng theirs. He's a bum!

  4. dropping by from MBC follower club.. i just started following your blog, hope you can follow mine too!

    Vhiel's Corner
    Living in Style Network

    ... that kenya and taylor issue, I was looking for some videos about it. My husband was even talking about it, just plain tackless for kenya.


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