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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fabulous Fitness Products to get you movin!

These aren't your kids hula hoops! Stephanie Donlon The creator of Hoopify. Hoopdance is everywhere from outside in a park to University of California, Irvine, to a pole dancing fitness studio. People of all ages are coming out to learn Hoopdance skills to get fit. It's a full mind body workout and it's fun! What better way to get in shape. Hoops come in different weights and sizes. Typically, measure your hoop size diameter from the floor to your belly button for a good fit. Hoopers tend to start with heavier hoops when they get started because the hoops are easier to use, then move on to lighter hoops as they get better with tricks. You can also find collapsible hoops for travel, that fit easily into a carry on for a quick 10 minute, low impact cardio workout when traveling. (Hoopify! carries collapsibles as well) This is a must try.. Not your typical spin or aerobics class.. I dare you to try this...

Love these..The very best technical, athletic socks on the planet and they are made in Vermont by" Darn Tough "Socks for over 30 years. I chose to show one of my Favs.. The reason these are perfect for mountain biking and running.. They have bottom cushioning they offer reinforcement in the toes.. I am also loving the Lifetime guarantee.. Who offers that anymore? That's what makes this company stand out over the rest.. They are confident about the durability of their product.. So if you love to run,hike,ski,hunt, fish or even grocery shop.. These sock are a must have.. 5 stars.. keep up the good work..

This product is pretty Fabulous.Gruve, a weight management system/gadget developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic. This device is like no other. You wear this gadget while doing your daily activities. It tracks everything you do. The Gruve is set up to be able to sync to your PC and download your activities on a day to day basis. It will tell you hoe many calories burned etc.. This is a true wake up call. You can really see what time of the day you lack activity what areas to work on.Gruve™ is a personalized, scientifically proven solution that facilitates healthy, sustainable weight loss without impacting your lifestyle. I say go get one for everyone in your family..

My Treamill Trainer.. This is a true motivator.. Yes, I download songs on my ipod,but it's not the same as this program. You will have many volumes to choose from for all fitness levels. this keeps you motivated and your eyes off the clock.. You can also use this outdoors as well. Download the workouts to your mp3 player.. You will run/walk faster,longer and Yuri Elkaim the creator will keep you going in a positive focused way.. I highly recommend.

If you are someone who doesn't have a lot of time to spend in the gym or are always on the go.. This book is for you. 90 second Fitness Solution
Created by Pete Cerqua's a trainer and gym owner has put together a way for you to maximize your fitness in minimal time. I highly recommend reading the book. Remember new year, NEW you.. A must read..

GoMotion...If you are the adventurous type and like to hike,run,walk,ski in the dark please do it safely,this product is a must have. This company has created a safer way to get fit in dark rather then using your standard head lamp,or reflective vest.. Put them far in the closet and never use again.. I own the runner belt that's shown.. I have to say, it is very "comfortable" to wear and light. They offer 5 options: Sternum Kit,Waist light kit,street runner lite vest,the trail runner lite pack and last the lite runner belt. This company is on the up an up and the technology is off the hook.. I highly recommend.. You will see the dark in a NEW light!

"My Thoughts For Today"

January has been all about Health and Fitness. The Fabulous Finds is all about "Finding the good in life". I try hard to find products that fit the bill.. So this month I am focusing on just that..

Here is what I have to say for Today..
I find exercises to be a tough task.. I have to really motivate myself to get going in the morning..I swear as I get older I feel more tired, sluggish.. Getting my body going really helps me.. Yeah, I am saying some nasty words when I first start out, but then I feel like a champ afterwards. I find I have more Patience with my kids and husband and my day to day life. Staying fit not only help me mentally but physically... I am not an expert in the field by any means. My sister is a personnel trainer and guides me in the right direction.. Well let me refrain that. She tries to guide me... It's hard taking direction from her? Call me crazy...
I guess in a nut shell get up ,put on your clothes.. Nothing fancy ladies.. The yoga mat,treadmill don't care what you look like.. You should be proud that you are up and getting your heart pumping..I will say "I am not one to give advice" I do however hope you take & digest what I wrote.. Leave me a comment.. I would love to get you going... I have said in many posts I am willing to work with anyone that wants to change the direction of their life.. I am up for any challenge. I am all about the positive and I will help motivate you and create a friendship with you.. I leave it at that.. Have a FABULOUS day!

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