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Monday, January 25, 2010

NYC here I come!

This week is going to be a good one... I am working on My Fabulous Fitness Guide to share with you.. I hope you had the Chance to read some of the stories I added on Friday.. I am waiting for my sister to come over because we are working on a kettle ball workout.. Should be exciting..I am wearing my chung Shi's and loving life.. It is raining like crazy here and the wind almost blew me over when I dropped my kids off at school this morning.

Saturday morning I leave to review a Hotel and Spa.. I am also attending the New York Gift Fair.. This is a much needed trip. Even though I am working I will still make time to have a Little fun... In my days of being a buyer I was able to find some amazing shops to buy wholesale in... When I go back to these shops they still remember me and let me shop as a reg customer.. I am so looking forward to this trip.. I can't wait to write about the Hotel I am reviewing, as well as the spa.. They will be part of my "Travel Must Haves" Coming out in Feb...

Also I am looking for some blogs for "Blog of the Month" for March,April and May.. If you have a blog or know one that is "Fabulous" please let me know..

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