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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Heads up for spring...

We always ask ourselves,O.K. I need to rephrase that. "I "always ask myself every year, when I am transitioning my winter clothes to spring if I should chuck or keep? Do you do that? Well after some research I came across the Do's and Dont's for spring fashion this year.. I hope this helps.. So when you are ready to tackle your transition ,hopefully you will know what to keep and what to donate..


Wear Beautiful Blue Hues.. They are smoking hot this season...

Floral Prints... Bigger the better "I think"

Fringe is still to stay.. Not my Fav, but to each is own...

Ruffles I love them and J.crew has some amazing tops this year for casual elegance

My personal Favorite Hobo bags... I love them and even if they fall off the "Do" list they will always be worn on my shoulder...

"OH" The boyfriend Blazer... The best place to find fun,unique ones... Vintage shops,good wills love them great with a worn pair of denim or a flirty mini dress.. Love it!

This one stays close to my heart.. The "BIG" statement necklace.. I am all for this one.. The more unique the better..

Chunky over sized rings

Anything Serpent.. Necklace,Rings etc...


"BRIGHT"Colored Jeans... They need to go away PLEASE!

Mary- Jane Flats... Say Good Bye!

Long Vests... Oh it's been too long Bye Bye..

Remember if you haven't worn it in a year toss it.. Great way to clean out your closets, host a swap party... Have your friends clean out their clothes,Jewelry,Handbags,Shoes and swap great way to recycle and create a new look for yourself...

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