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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

See what SHEWANTS???

Oh MY! Is all I can say... This is so exciting.How many times do we tell our significant other what we want for Birthdays,Holidays? I think sometimes ESPN is reeling over and over in their brain..Well, "My Fabulous Girlfriends" our prayers have been answered. Check out, Shewants site.
You can create a FREE account and list all of the trinkets you want him or anyone to buy you.. I know every year my mom is stumped on what to buy me, and she always asks and I always say Gift card.. Well no more my friend.. I now will have my own journal page to add items when I think of them..This way everyone is" Happy".. Read below for all the amazing info..Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Will you use this site?? Do tell, I would Love to hear your comments. is a Girl’s Best Friend
Online gift registry finally gives women a place to ask for what they want

Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best, a user friendly gift registry and wish list, allows women to ask for what they want without limits. Originators Adriana Padilla Mack and Marie Green wanted to create a space where women could dream big and express what they want in life. The idea stemmed from dinner conversations where frustrated females had, once again, received candles or fruitcake from a well meaning gifter. There seemed to be a lack of communication between the gifter and giftee, especially from the male species. Adriana and Marie decided then and there that they would create a website dedicated to the simple proposition: “If you’re going to give her something, then give her what she wants,” and was born.

The concept finally solves the problem women have had for years: how to communicate to the men, family, and friends in their lives what they want to receive. The femme savvy social portal combines several features: SheWants Wish List, SheWants Not, Calendar, and Blog for a unique experience.

Wishing Well - “SheWants Wish List”: One of the first things a SheWants member will create is a wish list. Women can ask for anything they want--a designer pair of heels, a tropical vacation, or even a donation to their favorite charity. The SheWants Wish List also states where to find the dream gift, eliminating the guesswork from giving. According to co-creator Adriana, the idea of the wish list appealed to her because, “If we put our dreams and wishes somewhere, or if we say it, it’s possible.

Things Better Left Ungifted - “She Wants Not”: Saving the world from knick knacks one member at a time, is the SheWants Not list, which allows women to say what they don’t want. The idea is to limit re-gifting and make people look closer at their best friend, neighbor, or significant other. It creates an eco-conscious environment by eliminating wasteful purchases.

Man’s Best Friend - “The Calendar”: This feature eliminates the headaches of men everywhere. Now befuddled boyfriends and harried husbands can not only find out exactly what women want, they can look up anniversaries, birthdays, etc…in the calendar section of her profile. Not just for the men, women can also pre-select a list of friends, family, and significant others whom they would like to send special “nudges” too.

Bite Size Tips - “Blog”: More than a place that simply lists things a woman wants, the site emerges as a helpful friend in the form of a blog. The founders Adriana Padilla Mack and Marie Green will be blogging on ways to keep gifting green, such as the “Gift Card Exchange Party” where women swap gift cards in a paper free environment. There are also blogs by guest and celebrity bloggers writing about fashion, jewelry, marriage, and all aspects of being a stylish female.

Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Beautiful Bag - has created a personalized experience from top to bottom. Upon establishing a free profile, the member embarks on a fun journey of self-expression and self-discovery, as she (perhaps for the first time) actually spells out what she wants.

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  1. This website truly is a girls best friend!


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