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Monday, February 8, 2010

I love the Underdog!

As I sit and write to you, a smile streams from my face,Why? The Saints victory! I am all for the underdog and last night's game was amazing...I love Nola and visit there once a year. I am so proud of their victory last night. I have to tell you though. I have a sore throat and a start of a cold... While probably all of you were sitting inside in your comfortable family rooms. Our Friends decided to host their party outside... Craziness. It was 17 degrees last night we froze our tuckus off. I toughed it out and stayed outside the whole game... I played football ,nibbled on some amazing food that our friends brought. All in all a great time and I have to say, The Doritos and E-trade commercials were sure worth the million plus they spent on advertising them... So stinking funny. So as I start my day feeling a cold creeping into my chest, I can still smile knowing the Saints have won...Thank You, Duffy family for a great night.

Some V-day gift ideas coming later today!

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