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Monday, February 8, 2010

Who wants to win????

Is Valentine’s Day your Achilles Heel? For those who have recently had their hearts stomped upon or have simply grown weary of being told to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and keeping trudging through the dating process, let’s face it, Valentine’s Day stinks (peeu).

February 14th is especially unpleasant if all those long walks alone through the rain sleet and snow have left your wet sneakers with an en exceedingly unpleasant, yet familiar odor. It’s the same stench you find upon unzipping your gym bag and discovering your favorite sneakers, forgotten for days. While love may not be blossoming, bacteria and odor has flourished in its place.

HAAN®, the Steam Cleaning Experts, offers the perfect solution to banish odor from your shoes quickly and easily. The HAAN® HS20 handheld Deluxe Personal Sanitizing Steam Cleaner if effectively used on shoes to blast away bacteria and rid them of unwanted odors. Simply place the microfiber cloth over the fiber brush attachment and steam away stench like memories of that old boyfriend or girlfriend that broke your heart.

To help blast away the Valentine’s Day blues, HAAN® is offering a complimentary HS20 handheld Deluxe Personal Sanitizing Steam Cleaner as a contest prize. One lucky reader will receive a HS20 handheld compliments of HAAN®.
Want to Win?
I am looking for the best comment left... I am also looking to see how many ways you can spread the word... Winner will be announced on FEBRUARY 14th... Good Luck!


  1. I got married on Valentine's Day and I live on a farm which cause for some terribly messy smells to enter into my home. Please pick me so these smells and stains can MOOve on out of my home! I deserve to win this prize...Haans down!!!! Great giveaway!

  2. There once was a gal named Annette,
    Pepper, the dog, was her pet,
    An Airdale, not a hound,
    But her "aroma" lingers around,
    A Haan to the rescue, You bet!

  3. I am outnumbered with boys in my house! we have a saying "eww.. youve got stinky feet, stinky pete.." You can guess why we say that :)
    I shared this on FB!/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=297252687083&id=1579017172&ref=nf
    and on twitter


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