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Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't leave home without this...

After discovering this company ,I knew I had to write about them. 4 Survival to go created the Bok... What is it you ask? Well it's everything to help in any emergency. Whether you are out camping,on a road trip,biking etc.. This handy kit is filled with every essential needed if you are ever hurt or stranded. I keep mine in the car just in case I ever have an emergency. I am a mom of 3 and this surly will come in handy if my car breaks down,get into an accident of my daughter has an emergency with her diabetes. Let me share with you the contents:
The 72 Hour Emergency Kit includes: 2400 Calories of Emergency Food 3 Pack of Aqua Blox 4S Pre-Paid Phone Card 4S Flashlight/Radio/Siren/Cell Phone Charger Glow Stick 5 in 1 Whistle 4S Pen Disposable Camera Waterproof Matches Baseball Hat (white) 4S Hooded Rain Poncho 4S Survival Sleeping Bag Hand/Face Towel N95 Dust Mask Leather Palm Gloves Flat Duct Tape Army Knife First Aid Kit containing: Toothpaste Toothbrush Purrell Sanitizer Wipes Razor/Shaving Cream Sewing Kit Lip Balm Sun Screen Tempo Tissues pack 4S Survival Guide 4S Magnet (to help locate your Kit) Weather Channel Document Bag ABC Gauze Playing Cards

All of this for $99 absolutely Fabulous! If you were to go to a store and buy each one of these products individually you will be well over the price, 4 Survival is asking.. Plus they have everything neatly organized in a canvas tote... 5 stars great job!


  1. Just stopped by to check out the blog. Am following from FFF on MBC. Come follow back if you get the chance!


  2. it seems to be great deal, i will take care of it!!


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