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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter from The Fabulous Finds

As we watch our kids scurry around the house in search of Baskets filled with chocolate bunnies and toys. I have told myself how blessed both my husband and I are for being able to watch the excitement on their faces when they finally reach the prize. My kids were so excited to get up and race around the house looking for their baskets. My son who's 6 was starting to give up and I could see the frustration and sadness approach. He knew the big furry guy came because colored eggs were scattered all over the lawn, But NO basket... Then I here a big "OH MY GOSH" he and my daughter couldn't believe it ,a picture of him was on the ground with an arrow pointing to the garage... The excitement grew"mine of course". They both said you go,no you go... They really thought the big furry guy was waiting in there for them... Scared and excited they slowly opened the door to see 3 baskets waiting for each of them.. Only my other daughter still fast asleep not ready to start the day. I guess it was official she no longer believed, is eleven the age?... First Santa now this,I was a little sad but O.K. because I have two that still believe... So as our morning winds down before the madness begins with all the cousins,grandparents later today. I have sat back and digested one of the best mornings. I wish you all a wonderful day and for you to take in every moment spent with family and friends..

Happy Easter!

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