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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wett Giggles..Your kids will love to stay Clean...

So stinking cute. I think these would make adorable gifts for Birthdays,Baby showers. I have three kids 11,10 and 6 and they all loved the soap. The soap was non-abrasive and very smoothe. I think this makes for a fun way to get kids to wash their hands and play in the tub. It gives them a challenge to un- cover the nail brush hidden under the soap... This is a cute company Check them out at WETT GIGGLES

What an adorable product. My 10 year old daughter immediately grabbed it and then proceeded to ask if she could order some more from the postcard. The product is unique. Soap smells great and cleans nicely. It gets the kids to actually soap up. Branding is perfect. The packaging is attractive. The postcard is an excellent seller with the other selections on it. You have a winner with this one!

My 3 year old daughter LOVES this soap! We received "Beatrice" the cow and she immediately fell in love. The only place she would allow it go is in "her bathroom" and pretty much she is the only one allowed to use it. She has so much fun scrubbing her hands with the cow that I usually have to tell her, "Okay. Stop. That's enough scrubbing." She is equally enamored with the rest of the soaps (pictured on the information card that came with the product) and has asked me what all their names are. Of course, she is particularly fond of the yellow duck named "Juliette" as her name is "Juliet." I enjoy the smell and like the Shakespearean names--Ophelia, Hamlet, and Romeo, to name a few. And anything that makes hand-washing fun for my daughter is a good thing in my book.

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