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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today I must Vent because this Isn't Fabulous!

Over the weekend I had an amazing day with my friends and sisters...I was sitting next to my friend and she brought up that her daughter was told to sell 100 boxes of girl Scout cookies this year. I was shocked! My daughters never were in Brownies, Daisy's or Girl Scouts but I always supported my friends kids who were. I thought that the reason for selling girl scout cookies was to build confidence, entrepreneurship, build friendships etc. Please if someone from the Girl Scout organization is out there and can clarify WHY the reason for a box count??? I would love to know how much the troops actually make for their group? This to me sounds like a $$$ maker and the whole concept is lost. I have told myself that I wasn't going to order any cookies this year almost boycotting and my girlfriend had stated she wasn't going to have her daughter go around and ask for orders either... So as I sat there thinking about  my cabinets will be empty no "Thin Mints". I received an email from another friend yesterday asking if I wanted to buy cookies...YIKES! the pressure. I want to see the breakdown of the cookie organization... I have to ask this, how much does the CEO make and how much do the troops receive??? Can someone please answer my questions

 Jen I will place my order soon I just need some answers first...


  1. Heather...You know I run both Brownie and Daisy Troops and I have never or would never put preasure on any of my girls or their parents with a box count. I think we only make .75 cents per box towards the troop but it does make troop money. ALthough I do think we should make more but oh well...This money goes towards next years registartion fees, badges, supplies as well as field trips that we take as a troop. We started doing Cookies Booth at stores so the girls can sell the cookies themselves instead of their parents. They love doing this but I know that some shoppers do get annoyed. - Karen

  2. Hiya, long time reader/subscriber here. I wanted to chime in. I have two daughters in girl scouts, and I'm in the process of becoming an assistant myself. Our leader didn't tell us what to sell, just suggested if we sold 200 boxes each child that would be an awesome goal.

    To answer the question, it depends on your state. I was doing some reading around and I was SHOCKED to see where WE here in SC only get .45 cent a box, my god. The above poster says she gets .75 and in KY it's .90 a box, geez.

    Click here and scroll down to page 42/48. There's a pie graph of how the money is split here in SC. You can see every last % divided.

    Also after you look at the graph, if you wanna read up a little there, there is some parts of it that say some things to the extent of "If the leaders have a 200 box count/girl average" they get some sort of recognition and a free tote bag.

    While reading the above PDF link, I also became aware of receiving a ".5 cent a box increase" if all paperwork is turned in on time, etc.

    The .45 cent a box profit we get goes specifically to our troop. We use that money to pay for patches, pins, activities, etc. The cookie program also gives the girls a "cookie credit" card. 150 boxes gives you $15 on the card, 200 boxes gives you $20, etc. They can use this "cookie credit" to pay for girl scout sponsered and ran summer camps, which is good if you like doing those things. I wish they would let us use that toward their vests, sashes, journey books, etc.

    We've done pretty well so far. They have sold about 102 boxes each, but that's just from family, friends, and my husband's job. I'm deffinently NOT going to break my neck and go door to door trying to make her box count. My girls had fun, they earned their 100+ patch along with a cute owl necklace, and they are content.

    Thanks so much for bringing this up, it's got me looking into things alot more in depth now!

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